Welcome to Fight Union,

We are a promo based low word count e-federation. We have two divisions: The Union Division and the Outlaw Division. We have a bi weekly show (Violent Behavior) and every fourth show will be followed by a ‘Rally’ (Our version of a PPV). We are a photo pic base-created character style e-federation.

Please read the following to learn a bit more about Fight Union. Also, if you find anything confusing or have any tips or ideas to make this efed better, please PM one of the Owners (Red on the forums) or DM us on Twitter @UnionReborn

Thank you, Staff

Best Practices

Let’s make one point clear. Fight Union is an Efed. Efedding is a Hobby. Hobbies are meant to be relaxing/fun pass-times. So let’s all work together to have fun, first and foremost.

If at any point you find yourself with an issue with a fellow roster member or staff member, please PM, Email, or DM the Owner. The owner will be marked as Red on the Forums and is available via DM @UnionReborn. We will not tolerate OOC disputes being aired on the OOC Forum. The OOC forum is for peaceful civil debate-please use it as intended.

Another suggestion is that when an opponent has posted their first RP, we ask for you to wait until you have posted your first rp before you read it. This is what we call “First Rp blind.”

This will enable an environment where the fact that you post early in the week will not come back to haunt you because it gives your opponent “ammo” for their first RP. Consider it a common courtesy. This does not apply to previous RPs. Feel free to use prior weeks RPs as your “ammo.”

If this is not clear to you, please contact the Owner for clarification.

Divisions & Role Play Limits

The Union Division is a 2RP / 1.5k Word Limit division. This is our flagship division. In character it is the Professional Wrestling you’re accustomed to seeing with standard rules regarding match types, unless otherwise stated. Winning condition is pinfall or submission, unless otherwise stated.

The Outlaw Division is a 1RP / 1.5k Word Limit. In character, it is our Extreme Rules 24/7 division. The matches can happen wherever and involve weapons and extreme violence. Out of Character, this title can be challenged for unless previously booked for a Title Defense. Matches can take place in the ring or in the backstage area, unless otherwise booked.

More Divisions, such as ‘Fury’ – our MMA Division and ‘Vendetta’ our Developmental Division may be added, if the roster size suits the need.

Role Play Guidelines

Most importantly, Quality will beat Quantity. All Role Plays will be judged based on elements described in our Rubric.

Off site Layouts and Board posted RPs are welcome. RP how you want. Graphics will not win you a match in the same way the lack of graphics will not lose the match. Again, RPs are judged based on content, not animated gifs and midi music.

Rules on “believability” are loose in Fight Union. Please use your imagination and write what you want to write. If you can write it well, more than likely, it will be allowed. However, suspension of disbelief will only go so far. Consider real world restraints when writing your Role Play and also whether or not it can be logically explained. Contact the Owner if you are concerned whether or not your Role Play will be judged negatively based on Believability.

Blatant Racism, Sexism, and other Hatred (for the sake of) will be considered when Role Plays are judged. If the sensitive subject matter is necessary to the content of the Role Play it will be tolerated. However, blatant Racism, Sexism, and other Hateful writing, depending on the severity, could result in termination.

Anything that happens in your Role Play will be “seen” by other characters. Anything ‘off camera’ must be posted in the Character Development area.

Finally, if you are using another person’s Character in your Role Play, you must have consent to do so, unless it is otherwise explained as not actually being the physical character.


If your segment affects the show on a large scale (Your character attacks one of the Commentators and puts them out for the remainder of the show, for example) you need to not only send in the segment for approval, but you need to contact Staff to let them know that this is being requested 48 hours prior to deadline so the Match Writers know to make the adjustment.

Voter Rubric Categories & Feedback

The following categories will be considered during the judging process. A point value between 2-5 will be assigned to each category and the cumulative score will be used to determine a winner.

Union Division Voter Categories:

  • Argument
  • Research
  • Organization of Thoughts
  • Character Development
  • Creativity
  • Spelling & Punctuation
  • Style (Bonus points for unique work)

Union Division Feedback Categories:

  • I really liked it when you…
  • Some suggestions I have on improvement are…

Outlaw Division Voter Categories:

  • Argument
  • Creativity
  • Research
  • Organization of Thoughts
  • Spelling & Punctuation

Outlaw Division Feedback Categories:

  • I really liked it when you…
  • Some suggestions I have on improvement are…

Feedback, Continued

If you are interested in receiving feedback on your RolePlay, please contact the Owner/Staff (Red on the forum) to receive the listed feedback. If you are having difficulties and require a bit more help, you will be contacted by Staff with more One on One feedback containing more detail to help you improve.

We want to make this next point clear: Fight Union stands for improvement and enjoyment of this game. We do not want you to constantly lose and become a “jobber” character. We will do what we can to help you improve from week to week. Your success is our own and your enjoyment is our goal.

Show Air Times & Deadlines

  • Violent Behavior – Bi-Weekly with a floating show deadline and air date.
  • Rallies – Bi-Weekly with a floating show deadline and air date.

Deadlining & Noshowing

Important: Fight Union subscribes to the 24 Hour Rule. Only one RP may be posted within the last 24 hours before deadline. This rule is firm.

Deadlining and Noshowing are two of the biggest problems in Efedding today. Deadlining is the act of deliberately waiting until the last moment to post your role play. Noshowing is just as it sounds, not RPing for a booked event.

Deadlining is not always intentional. We ask for a warning on the OOC if you are having difficulty finding time to RP and so we can expect a late post. However, if it becomes clear that the Deadlining is becoming deliberate, you will be contacted by an Owner and a warning will be issued. Further abuse will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Noshowing is also not always intentional. We again ask for a warning on OOC or via PM/DM to explain why you will not be able to RP for an event. First noshow will result in a warning. Second noshow will result in the request for a Character Development RP before being booked again. Third noshow will result in termination. Again, these situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

On both of these matters, communication is key. Keeping staff and roster members in the loop on your situation will prevent negative outcomes.

Time Off

Everyone needs a break from time to time, we only ask that if you need time off, please let us know either by posting on OOC or PM or DM before the new card is booked. We understand that things come up and will accommodate you. However, again, we simply ask for you to communicate that need.

Match Requests, Angles, & Segments

Match requests will be honored as often as possible. Please either PM the Owners (Red on the forums) or DM with your request. Each match will be considered and we will do our best to make them happen, save for ongoing storylines.

Angles will also be considered and should be pitched in the same way Match Requests are. Again, we will do what we can to honor these angles, but take into consideration on going angles.

Segments will be submitted via the Segment Submission form on the Forums in the Violent Behavior or Rally forum. These segments will be reviewed and applied to the show. If they are not usable or need editing, you will be contacted by staff.

Violent Behavior & Rally Information

Post Match Analysis

Nico Sutton is mostly play by play and is fairly deadpan. He will hold the show together by calling out the important parts of the matches and will struggle to keep Brick Ramrock from going on tangents.

Brick Ramrock is a guy in his thirties with the mind of a thirteen year old. He’s goofy and dumb and likes to eat during matches. He’s color commentary with emphasis on comedy.

Segment and Match format

Don’t worry about coding. Also, please refrain from putting brackets or any other characters “({[]})” at the beginning and end of paragraphs.

Also when writing dialogue for segments and the matches please use full names. This will provide uniformity to the show structure and will save the Producer some time.


Joe: This is wrong

Joe Blow: This is correct


This handbook is a constantly evolving document. Announcements will be made when changes are made and content is added. If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints, please contact Staff via PM/DM and it will be considered.

Thank you & Enjoy your stay here at Fight Union.