Violent Behavior II Card

VBII has been booked! This show will see the first rounds of tournaments to declare the number one contender for each championship!


Violent Behavior I is LIVE!

The inaugural Violent Behavior is LIVE! Find out who won the Outlaw and Union Championships right now!


Interview Corner

Nova survived the interview with Brick Ramrock and we couldn't be happier! Enjoy this interview, as it will be Brick's first and last!

Staffing Update!

Lateral Transfer

As a result of the interview with Nova, the COO, Nico Sutton, has made the decision to remove Brick Ramrock from the reporter/interviewer role and we have hired Scarlett Hearst (Formerly of Fight One) to take the spot. We're both looking forward to Scarlett taking over journalist duties as well as Brick being transferred to the Analyst/Janitorial Staff position. We wish both good luck in their new positions.

Site updates

Mind the broken glass

Many features of the site have been updated and will be ongoing. The site may be in maintenance and/or completely broken, but don’t worry, it’ll be back up as soon as it’s down. Admittedly, here at Fight Union, we are a bit OCD about making this site as top notch as possible. Note: We do not mean to offend anyone currently suffering from OCD as we have actually been diagnosed with such. Think this site is nuts? You should see my house. Everything is in its right place.

Lara Bratton impressed everyone in the Fight Union Universe when she took part in four grueling matches at Violent Behavior I. Not only did she put in an elite showing, but she also took home the Outlaw Championship!


At Violent Behavior I, Mikhail Reinhardt & 'Cactus Jack' Bronson attempted to murder each other and in doing so, put Andrew Dahl in the hospital (Possibly permanently).


Particles revolutionize the creation and delivery of content

Particles operate as easy to create, configure and customize blocks that form the flesh of the frontend, from placeholders to self contained content and functions.


Fight Union Reborn

FU has returned and we hope you will join us to concrete our places in history. This is merely the first step in what will, with some commitment, become a long and satisfying journey. Are you prepared? You better be... - Tony